Austrian Armed Forces


The Minister

  • Minister of Defence Klaudia Tanner
  • Since 7 January 2020, Klaudia Tanner has been Minister of Defence.

Tasks of the Austrian Armed Forces

  • 3 soldiers in combat gear
    National defence: In case of an attack on Austrian territory, the Armed Forces are ready to respond immediately.
  • A soldier guards a power plant
    Safeguard: If necessary, the Armed Forces protect the constitutionally established institutions and the population's democratic freedoms.
  • Areal view on a flooding
    Domestic aid: The Armed Forces render assistance in the case of natural catastrophes and disasters of exceptional magnitude.
  • A soldier offers a cup of water to a little girl.
    Help abroad: Austrian soldiers contribute to international peace-keeping missions and to humanitarian or disaster relief operations.

Ministry of Defence | Rossauer Laende 1, 1090 Vienna
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