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Civil-Military Relations in Albania: Phases of Evolution

erschienen in der Publikation "Civil-Military Relations in South-East Europe" (ISBN: 3-901328-54-8) - April 2001

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Albania, as a specific individual case, needing the support of the PfP, being a member of the PfP itself.

In the Albanian case one can witness the strong impact of the
protracted democratic transition of the society on civil-military relations.

A by-product of the slow evolution was personnel-selection, based on personal sympathies and political affiliations that actually were ruining army discipline and morale. The strong polarisation of the political forces in Albania, politicisation of the army and the involvement of the armed forces in political activities compromised the establishment of civil democratic control over the military. An over-concentration of prerogatives with the President further worsened the national civilmilitary attitudes. Diminishing confidence in the politicians has been a side-result of these developments. The interferences in politics by the military continued during the second phase of the reform of the Albanian defence establishment, which was a serious blow to the relations in a society with a significant deficit of democratic culture. The destruction of the army was another feature of this phase.

Despite the mobilisation of the Albanian society and armed forces during the Kosovo crisis there still remain fundamental questions of how to guard the civilians from their guardians in a democratic context. The continuing Western support through NATO, the PfP and EU are indispensable in sustaining the efforts of national definition of the solutions in the civil-military relations.

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