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erschienen in der Publikation "The Stability Pact for South East Europe - Dawn of an Era of Regional Co-operation" (ISBN: 3-901328-75-0) - November 2002

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Europa, Politik, Gesellschaft, Gesellschaftspolitik, Stabilisierung


These past three years have been a useful learning process for the Stability Pact. Some achievements are visible, but there also has been much criticism with regards to its real outcome and performance. However, an independent assessment of the process is needed to analyse what is functioning well, and what could be improved, as judged by participants from the region. So far either no through assessment is done, or assessment have been at project level, (technical, in terms of project completion, disbursement, timing, task performed), not in terms of the political goal that projects were designed to achieve. One of the main lessons appears to be the need to refine the approach and priorities. Some topics have already found an answer, while for some other a clearer vision in needed. What is the real value-added of the Stability Pact?

What should it do or not be doing? To what extent does the development of the SEE countries depend on co-operation and a regional framework? What could be the best division of labor among the numerous international and local organisations active in the region? What could be the best balance between national initiatives and regional ones? Are the Stability Pact initiatives duplicating or competing with initiatives of other organisations or means of external support?

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