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Sand¾ak - From a Paradigm of Political Crises and a Potential Safety Crisis-Spot in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to its Possible Role as an Integrating Area of Serbia and Montenegro

erschienen in der Publikation "The Stability Pact for South East Europe - Dawn of an Era of Regional Co-operation" (ISBN: 3-901328-75-0) - November 2002

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Balkan, Politik, Sicherheitspolitik, Militärisches Bündnis, Serbien


Each conversation about Sand¾ak as one of the paradigms of political crises in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, that is in Serbia and Montenegro, would have to be started with basic data about the area itself, about the causes and the nature of problems that exist concerning Sand¾ak and within it, starting from the time when it was, under the title the "sand¾ak question", for the first time the subject of interest of the international community, far away in 1858.

Unfortunately, the "sand¾ak question" or, the muslim-bo¹njak question, with smaller or greater intensity, has lasted a hundred and fifty years and there is a great number of facts which are necessary to know and keep in mind in discussions about Sand¾ak as paradigms of political crises and a potential crises-spot area. Along with that, the Serbian-Montenegrin regime in last ten years tried to solve the "sand¾ak question", that is, the question of Bo¹njaks in FRY, by ethnic cleansing of the majority population, and instead of a solution, even more with its aggressive and anachronous national, actually national-chauvinist politics, it actualised all unsolved and suppressed questions and created even more problems. Because of that, ever for a short survey of the basic data about the further and closer prehistory of the "sand¾ak question" a lot of time, space and effort are neccersary. On the other hand, it is very risky to leave out facts from the pre-history of the "sand¾ak question" and the present the essence of present problems and point to possible solutions today in an understandable way.

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