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  1. 32nd IPA Vienna Seminar (aus der Publikation Central Asia‘s Decade of Independence: Promises and Problems)
  2. A European Way of War (aus der Publikation Zeitschriftenschau 07/2004)
  3. Bericht der Bundesheer-Reformkommission (aus der Publikation Bericht der Bundesheer-Reformkommission)
  4. China Engages Asia - Reshaping the Regional Order (aus der Publikation Zeitschriftenschau 18/2005)
  5. Civil-Military Coordination and Cooperation in the Context of the EU’s Crisis Management (aus der Publikation Info Aktuell 01/2008)
  6. Closing Remarks (aus der Publikation Peacekeeping Forces - Today and Tomorrow)
  7. Combating Human Trafficking in the Context of European Security - Interdisciplinary and Cross-sectoral Anti-trafficking Policies in South East Europe (aus der Publikation Trafficking in Persons in South East Europe - a Threat to Human Security)
  8. Complementarity or Competition? - EU and NATO Enlargement Processes and their Effects on Regional Co-operation (aus der Publikation Approaching or Avoiding Cooperative Security? - The Western Balkans in the Aftermath of the Kosovo Settlement Proposal and the Riga Summit)
  9. Conclusions: the ‘Must’ of Euro-Atlantic Solidarity on Post-Conflict Rehabilitation (aus der Publikation Post Conflict Rehabilitation)
  10. Consolidating the Security Sector in Post-Conflict States: Polish Lessons from Iraq (aus der Publikation After Intervention: Public Security Management in Post-Conflict Societies)
  11. Coping with Crises in Africa (aus der Publikation Das 38. International Peace Institute Vienna Seminar on Peacemaking and Peacekeeping vom 1.-3. Juni 2008)

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