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Civilian Control over the Military in Romania and Bulgaria (1989-2004)

erschienen in der Publikation "Transforming National Armed Forces in South East Europe - from the Social to the Military Challenge" (ISBN: 3-902275-12-X) - April 2005


Dragos Popa
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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Geschichte, Rückblick, Osteuropa, Politik, Kommunismus, Entwicklung, Militär, Änderung, Einfluss, Europa, Zukunftsaspekte


The armed forces’ involvement (although not a violent one) in Eastern European countries’ political processes since 1989 has suggested not a risk of military coup d’état, but a tendency of military organizations to express their views on security and defence issues. Especially in a volatile political context and in a European area where military organizations have traditionally provided expertise on military matters, the armed forces have expressed the need for the integration of these institutions into the larger society, according to their qualifications; this would be the opposite of a situation characterized by civilian policies of assimilation or segregation. If efficient, these Eastern European models of civilian control over the armed forces may become new paradigms used in the transfer of liberal norms to the countries of today’s Commonwealth of Independent States and even other newly democratic polities.

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