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Die Militärseelsorge in Italien

erschienen in der Publikation "Ethica 2012" (ISBN: 978-3-902761-16-3) - 28. September 2012

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Militaerseelsorge, Italien, Kirche, Religion, Wehrpflicht, Wehrsystem, Ethik, Militärethik


The military diocese in Italy is divided into 16 zones (church districts), with a total of 186 military chaplains. 72 of them are active in the Land Forces, 26 in the Navy, 27 in the Air Force, 30 within the Carabinieri, and 31 in the Finance Guard. They are supplemented by 22 priests, assisting them in their chores. The military chaplain has his home in the barracks and does, however, not lecture on ethical issues. His task is to offer preparatory instruction on the sacraments and provide church services on workdays and Sundays. Since the establishment of a purely professional Force, religious services and func-tions are held predominantly off-time and not during working hours.

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