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Militärseelsorge in Kolumbien

erschienen in der Publikation "Ethica 2012" (ISBN: 978-3-902761-16-3) - 28. September 2012

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Ethik, Militaerseelsorge, Militärethik, Militärdienst, Wehrpflicht, Wehrsystem, Kirche, Religion, Kolumbien


Since the beginning of the 20th century, Columbia has lived through an era of constant violence, suspended by only very short periods of political dialogue. In spite of compulsory military service there is also a tendency towards professional armed forces in this country, in the opinion of Military Bishop Fabio Suescun Mutis. Speaking of "the soldier” is difficult, since there are enormous differences between the skills and possibilities of soldiers in different countries - particularly with respect to the big industrialised nations and the developing countries. Yet, a profile of the soldier should be constructed; these men and women should not be looked upon as fulfilling cliché roles like "Rambo” or other social avengers who undermine international humanitarian law. It is Columbia’s voiced hope to end the internal conflict and to establish permanent peace in the country. Today the fight against terrorism stands in the foreground.

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