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Die Schweizer Milizarmee und ihre Militärseelsorge

erschienen in der Publikation "Ethica 2012" (ISBN: 978-3-902761-16-3) - 28. September 2012

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Schweiz, Militaerseelsorge, Militärdienst, Militärethik, Ethik, Kirche, Theologie, Religion, Wehrpflicht, Wehrsystem


Norbert Brunner, Bishop of Sitten and president of the Swiss Conference of Bishops, presented the Swiss Armed Forces, which to a very large extent (96 %) are made up of reserve personnel, and only to a minor part (4 %) of career soldiers. Military pastoral care (Catholic and Protestant), as well, is organised according to the reserve system. The intended number of military pastors in Switzerland amounts to 356 persons, while only 249 pastors, men and women alike, are actually available at the moment. As both the army command and the Churches consider military pastoral care highly significant, measures are to be taken in order to increase the number of pastors. Mr. Brunner further underlined that contributing to the armed forces and promoting of human rights and dignity will continue to be relevant tasks of the Church. Despite the establishment of both a social and a psychological service within the Swiss Armed Forces, military pastoral care will remain indispensable.

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