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Trilateral Project: European Security - National Interests, European Insterests

erschienen in der Publikation "Security Political Dialogue 1999 (2/01)" (ISBN: 3-901328-57-2) - Juni 2001

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Europa, Sicherheitspolitik, Sicherheitspartnerschaft, Interdependenz, NATO, Einfluss, Balkan


Historically, security and insecurity in the region has been the result of relationships and interaction between three different types of actors. First, the permanent great powers - i.e., "Germany" and "Russia" in different historical shapes. The see-saw of German-Russian relationship has led to a situation today with Russia pushed far back towards the East and with Germany united and (again) the potentially most powerful state in Europe. Second, the some time great powers: Denmark in the Middle Ages and the early Modern Age - but today a small state; Poland - a major power in Europe during roughly the same period, subsequently divided but today returning as major actor in Northern and Central Europe; and thirdly Sweden - the major power of the North during the so called Swedish Century 1621-1721, subsequently a small European state but a "medium power" with a strategic role during the Cold War. The third category is made up of the maritime powers of the West - the Dutch of the 1600's, the English of the 17- and 1800's, and finally the Americans of the mid- and late 1900's - and, still, of the early 2000's. Without any territorial ambitions of their own but with trade and strategic interests as regulators of the balance in the Baltic Sea region these powers have chosen, over the centuries, to intervene in conflicts in the region, basically supporting the smaller states against the expansionist ambitions of the mightier.

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