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The Transatlantic Gap: Permanent or Temporary?

erschienen in der Publikation "The Transatlantic Gap" - April 2004

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  USA, Sicherheitspolitik, Außenpolitik, Strategie, NATO


The purpose of this paper is to explain the nature of the transatlantic gap and the causes of friction.

Furthermore, it elaborates on what this means for small and medium powers and Europe’s Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). The following questions should be answered: What are the Americans trying to achieve and why? What are the sources of friction? Are there different strategies or threat perceptions? Is the transatlantic gap a temporary one, or will it go on and worsen? Answers to these questions should elaborate on scenarios that can help national decision-makers as to what measures can be applied to alleviate the current situation, and whether the Americans are serious about overcoming the current differences.

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