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Order and Chaos in the 21st Century

erschienen in der Publikation "Order and Chaos in the 21st Century (1/04)" (ISBN: 3-902275-11-1) - Oktober 2004

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This paper presents a new way of approaching the challenges related to order and chaos in the 21st century, proposing a new paradigm or "standpoint for seeing and judging events" (Clausewitz) based on the self-organization of complex systems.

These ideas are applied to current and acute issues, such as terrorism, the war and policy on Iraq, and EU evolution (structures, functions). The events of 9/11 and the emergence of international terrorism as the main source of threats to global stability and security have caused a reassessment of ideas and methods of analysis, to find new ways of understanding and dealing with the challenges and instabilities associated with increasingly complex and interdependent systems.

The approach presented deals with the characteristics and behavior of complex systems, as well as the conditions under which, at critical turning points, they can evolve through self-organization, or else tend towards disintegration. Also addressed are the issues of power, sovereignty, ideology, conflict and cooperation, as well as such questions as: what can be learned from the experiences of history, and how can instabilities resulting from "imperial overstretch" be recognized and prevented before the stage and fate of "immoderate greatness" has been reached.

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