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The Present European Security Situation with reference to the Respective National Interests

erschienen in der Publikation "Security Political Dialogue 2001 (3/01)" (ISBN: 3-901328-59-9) - Oktober 2001

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Europa, Sicherheitspolitik, Verteidigungspolitik, Außenpolitik, Internationale Beziehungen, Internationale Organisationen, NATO, Osterweiterung


Peace and stability in a 21st-century Europe are marked by the fact that a spirit of integration has replaced the century-long struggle for hegemony by individual European states. Within the last twelve years, the security-political scenario in Europe has been changed fundamentally through two milestones: the collapse of communism and the expansion of NATO and the EU. The political and security-political restructuralisation, however, has not yet been concluded. Zones of varying stability and security remain: first, countries within the stable and integrated Europe of EU/NATO, second, countries with a perspective to EU or NATO membership and finally those countries lacking any rapprochement to the EU/NATO stability core.

Under the present conditions, it has become impossible to consider the security situation of any European country isolated from the others.

The growing complexity of the security interests of European countries, the rapid and cost-intensive development of western military technology as well as the augmentation of the legitimacy and chances of success of a multinational approach in the realisation of security-political strategies have led to a reformation of the relationship of national to European security politics.

New security-political challenges and a complex combination of risks and threats have replaced the clear-cut scenario dominated by military threat. They may stem form a variety of political, economical, military, social, cultural, information-technological or ecological causes.

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