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The Effects of NATO and EU-Enlargement

erschienen in der Publikation "The Effects of NATO and EU-Enlargement (15)" - März 1999

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Table of Contents

1. The Background of the Development of the European Situation

1.1 Increase in Importance of Regional Powers
1.2 Diverse Fragmentation and New Security Requirements
1.3 Regional Powers with Their Own Objectives
2. A Hegemony-Free Europe
3. The Situation of Russia and the CIS

3.1 Turn in Thinking
3.2 Russia's Instruments in the CIS
3.3 Forcing of "Integration" Within the CIS by Russia
3.4 The Special Case of the Baltics
3.5 Will Ukraine Stay Independent?
3.6 Russia's Activities in East and South East Europe
3.7 Russia and China
4. Conclusions for European Development
4.1 Determining Factors of a Future European Security Architecture
4.2 Democracy Level and Inclination to Wage War
4.3 The Security Policy Future of the EU
4.4 The Postulate for a Strengthening of European Solidarity
5. NATO as Counterbalance to Renationalization of Security Policies and Politics in Europe
6. NATO Today - a Global or a Regional Alliance?
7. New Tasks by the Reform of NATO
8. The Debate on NATO Enlargement to the East

8.1 U.S. Policy on Enlargement to the East
8.2 NATO Enlargement and Russia
8.3 Russia's Policy vis-a-vis NATO
9. Decisions on NATO Enlargement
10. The Arguments in the Enlargement Debate

10.1 Intention and Objective
10.2 The Cons of Enlargement
10.3 The Pros of the Enlargement
10.4 NATO Enlargement and the EU
10.5 First Enlargement of NATO, then of the EU
11. Considerations Before the First NATO Enlargement
11.1 Strategic Perspectives on NATO Enlargement to the East
11.2 The Alternative to NATO Enlargement - a Security Policy Grey Zone
12. A Second Enlargement Round and Russia
13. Geostrategic and Geopolitical Aspects of NATO Enlargement

13.1 The U.S.A. and Russia - Between Cooperation and Confrontation
13.2 Modification of the CFE Treaty
13.3 The Right Time and the Geographic Scope

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