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Peace Building through Economic and Infrastructure Integration in the South Caucasus

23rd Workshop of the PfP Consortium Study Group “Regional Stability in the South Caucasus”

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Peace Building through Economic and Infrastructure Integration in the South Caucasus 215 Seiten / 2.06 MB PDF ansehen
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215 Seiten (2.06 MB)
Exploring the Role of Economic Incentives as Peace Building Tools in the Nagorno-Karabakh Context: A Research Project Run from 2012 to 2015  
Trade and Cooperation: Avoiding Fragmentation in the Caucasus  
South Caucasus in the Era of Great Power Competition and Geopolitical Divisions: View from Armenia  
In the Aftermath of 2020, Azerbaijan between Russia and the West: A Choice of Politics, Economy, Culture or Security?  
Euro Region “Caucasus” as an Opportunity to Overcome Current Constraints and as a Possible Solution for Regional Integration  
Security and Economic “Cross-Pollination”: The Case of Georgia  
A Road to Economic Prosperity of the South Caucasus: Prospects and Challenges  
South Caucasus: Infrastructure of War and Peace  
South Caucasus and Black Sea Connectivity: Focus on Georgia  
A Marshall Plan for Peace and Security in the Caucasus: Myth or Reality?  
Silhouettes of Peace, Security and Cooperation  
Sustainable Peace and Economic Integration in the South Caucasus: The Rising Role of the Zangezur Corridor  
Recommendation to Reduce Spoilage in Nagorno-Karabakh: Evaluating the Role of Potential Objective Observers  
Russian Peacekeeping Operation in Karabakh  


The South Caucasus has potential for economic and infrastructural integration. However, multilateral trade and economic arrangements seem to be associated against the interests of alleged regional powers. No wonder that trade blocs are seen as a reflection of geopolitics.

However, currently, the biggest risk for the South Caucasus region and states, ensuing from the possible outcome of the war in Ukraine, is related to the possibility of being split by the “Iron Curtain” of the new Cold/ Hybrid War. Therefore, the 23rd meeting of the PfP Consortium Study Group in March 2022 strived cementing the idea that trade is supposed to surpass the limitations of geopolitics.

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