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English Summary

"Thank the Lord, You Are Here!”The young Austrian Armed Forces were not yet able to guarantee uninterrupted protection of the borders during the Russian invasion in Hungary in 1956. Notwithstanding, the Austrian soldiers stood this test in an outstanding manner.

The Return of the Mercenaries (I)

Mercenaries had been around long before the lansquenets, though the latter are the best known representatives of this trade. Replaced by standing forces after the Thirty Years War, the warriors reenlisted for money.

International Affairs

Congo - the Struggle for Natural Resources.

Tschernobyl Assistance Operation 1986

The reactor explosion in 1986 also led to a radioactive contamination of Austria. Among other things, the Austrian Armed Forces provided assistance, accomplishing their mission of radiation control, with detection and decontamination measures.

Military Policy

Topics for international work in fall 2006.

Soldiers in High Mountain Regions (III) - The Development of Military Mountain Guiding

Within the forces the military mountain guide is responsible for mountain training. He is regarded to be guarantor of the troops’ safety in high mountains.

Security Operations as Main Mission

In the future, the Department of Defense, Citizen Protection and Sports wants to focus the capabilities of the Swiss Army on security operations. Traditional national defense is considered to be only of secondary importance.

Cadre Personnel: Sports Instructors without Being Aware of it?

Often cadre personnel is qualified and authorized to conduct sports training - also outside the forces.

Patrol on Armored Combat Vehicles

This short exercise within the framework of a platoon trains platoon leaders in estimating a situation and quickly implementing their decisions.

Electronic Artillery Fire Control System (II)

Artillery computers in the battle field serve the purpose of ensuring reliable control and quick coordination of artillery fire.


The Medical Facility, Upper Austria - a Multinational "Company”.

Combat Helicopters - Employment and Options

While during the time of the Cold War combat helicopters were primarily intended for anti-tank defense, the priorities have to be reconsidered with regard to the battlefield of the 21st century.

"Weapons free!” - Anti-Aircraft Combat Firing in Poland

Exercise "FIFTY YEARS 2005”, which took place in September 2005, was not only the largest exercise abroad last year but also the biggest combat firing during the 2nd Republic of Austria until now.


Refugee Tragedy - Close-Up.

Support Services of the Austrian Armed Forces - Just a New Term?

The rates for Austrian Armed Forces support services have gone up drastically. This might curb potential requests, so that the benefits the Austrian Armed Forces are enjoying - training under operation conditions - might get lost as well.

The New Austrian Joint Armed Forces Command - An Operational Level Command

The new Austrian Joint Armed Forces Command is responsible for the command and control of the Land Forces, the Air Force, and the Special Forces at home as well as carrying out national command and control tasks within the framework of international operations.

The New Austrian Joint Armed Forces Command within the AAF 2010 Structure

The new structure of the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) which became effective on 1 September 2006 caused far-reaching organizational changes.

Searching Railroad Trains

Within the operation type "protection” the surveillance of traffic routes is of particular importance and, therefore, also the search of train cars.

Operations Preparation for UNDOF

At the Center for Operations Preparation (COP) in Götzendorf the contingents earmarked for deployment are being trained.


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